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A natural treasure revered for its unique and potent qualities. Our Citronella Essential Oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and stems of the Cymbopogon nardus plant, resulting in a pure and aromatic oil that embodies the essence of the great outdoors.

Step into the realm of tranquility and reprieve as the refreshing and lemony fragrance of Citronella Essential Oil envelopes your senses. Known for its natural insect-repellent properties, this oil is a must-have companion for your outdoor adventures, providing a shield against pesky bugs and mosquitoes.

Embrace the versatility of Citronella Essential Oil as it finds its place in your aromatherapy rituals. Its uplifting scent creates a calming ambiance, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being. Mix it with carrier oils to create soothing massage blends that unwind both the body and mind.

This natural wonder is a perfect addition to your homemade candles, soaps, and skincare products, infusing them with its pleasant and refreshing aroma. Let Citronella Essential Oil be your go-to choice for a touch of nature's bliss.

Explore the countless benefits of Citronella Essential Oil and unlock its full potential in your daily life. Embrace the power of this aromatic gem and experience the joy of a bug-free, serene, and rejuvenated environment.

Ships from Poland

Brand Name: MAYJAM
Number of Pieces: One Unit
Essential Oil Type: Pure Essential Oil
Origin: Mainland China
Model Number: Pure Essential Oils
Ingredient: Pure Natural Plant Extract Oil Essential
Item Type: Essential Oil
Country/Region of Manufacture: China
Package Include: 1 x Bottle 100ml Essential Oil
Used for: Hair Care/Face Care/Body Care
Item Type: Essential Oil
Volume: 100ml
Usage 1: Aromatherapy Massage Spa Bath Fragrance
Usage 2: Pure Essential Oils for Aromatherapy Diffusers

Pure Essential Oil | Citronella - MAYJAM 100mL

SKU: 4000893955938
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