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The Pink Pineapple's main vision is to bring the experience of reiki healing to everyone who seeks spiritual, emotional, and physical relief in their lives. 

Our offerings encompass a harmonious blend of Reiki energy healing, empowering life coaching, and curated holistic self-care products designed to uplift and inspire you on your journey towards self-discovery and wellness.

As the Pink Pineapple evolved, it has been inspired to help women (and men) experience a reconnection to their bodies in a beautiful way.

"Be like a pineapple: stand tall, wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside."

-Katherine Gaskin

pink pineapple love reiki healing energy luxury luxurious self care holistic spiritual

Who is Mekeda Grey?

   Mekeda Grey, a luminary with a profound understanding of human behavior, holds a degree in social psychology. As the founder of Pink Pineapple Inc., she orchestrates a sanctuary for personal transformation and empowerment.

With grace and compassion, Mekeda serves as both a life coach and a Reiki practitioner, guiding individuals on a journey of self-discovery and inner healing. Through her expertise in social psychology, she illuminates pathways to fulfillment and success, while her mastery of Reiki fosters harmony and serenity within the soul.


   In her hands, each interaction becomes a masterpiece of beauty and growth, as she empowers others to embrace their true essence and blossom into their fullest potential.

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